Kansainvälinen nuorisoleiri Koreassa - lähde mukaan!


3rd World Youth Taekwondo Camp

Seoul & Muju, Korea/ August 1-6, 2011


Lue alla oleva teksti ja jos olet kiinnostunut lähtemään leirille, niin ota yhteyttä Taekwondoliiton toimistoon ilmoittautumista varten.


The Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) plans to hold the 3rd World Youth Taekwondo Camp in close cooperation with the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in 2011.
The objectives of the camp are:
- To provide the world youth with high-level Taekwondo training and education of Taekwondo spirit
- To educate them on Olympic values and ideals
- To provide them with a chance for exchanges in sport and culture and understanding diverse
cultures among the participants

- To help them lead a healthy life physically and spiritually and thus, contribute to betterment of their communities, countries, and the world


- Outline -

1. Name of the project: The 3rd World Youth Taekwondo Camp (WYTC)
2. Promoter: Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) / World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)
3. Application period: March 14 (Mon) ~ July 5 (Tue), 2011 
4. Camp period: August 1 (Mon) ~ 6 (Sat), 2011 (Six days)
5. Camp venues: Seoul and Muju, Republic of Korea
6. Qualification of participants
Those who meet the following three requirements are eligible:
(1)   Taekwondo practitioners / athletes aged from14 to 20

(2) Holders of Kukkiwon Poom / Dan grade

(3) Recommended by Member National Associations of the WTF

7. Number of participants: maximum 230 practitioners / athletes
* Maximum 10 persons, including one official, preferably coach or trainer, per country
- 205 Taekwondo practitioners / athletes aged from 14 to 20
- 2 Olympic Gold Medalists and 2 world leaders in international sports
- 22 officials from WTF and participating countries
8. Conditions of participation
- Airfare is the responsibility of participants

- Accommodation during the camp will be provided by TPF

 * Check-in in the afternoon on August 1 and check-out in the morning on August 6, 2011

- Local transportation will be provided by TPF from the time of arrival in Incheon International Airport until the time of departure from Incheon International Airport after the camp.

- Copy of travel insurance policy of each member of the national team should be submitted to TPF at the time of submission of application form.

9. Application form should be sent to the Suomen Taekwondoliitto
10.Main programmes
-Practicing “The Creed of Taekwondo Practitioners” established by OVEP (Olympic Values Education Program) in 2009 before and after every programs
- Cultural exchanges in which participating nations performed a folk song or any talent in their
traditional costumes
* We respectfully ask you to bring the folk costume of your country
- Excellent taekwondo demonstrations (WTF, Kukkiwon, K-Tigers demo team)
- Taekwondo Kyorugi and Poomsae training by professors and former world taekwondo champions
- Olympic Gold Medalist’s special training and lecture to inspire the aspiring young athletes
 : “The first hand stories of what created the Olympic Champions”
- Olympic Values Education Program (OVEP)
- Cultural Exchanges
 : Kim Duk-soo’s special samulnori concert, Camp fire, Ganggangsulae (traditional Korean circle        
dance play), Folk song or Talent contest, etc.
- Special lectures
∙On the spirit and philosophy of taekwondo (for all)
∙On the WTF competition rules and Anti-doping education (for master & coach)
- Poomsae and gyeokpa demonstration by participants
 : Gyeokpa demonstration is that the participants smash the wooden blocks on which their bad habits were written
- Visit Kukkiwon
- Tour Jeonju Hanok Village and other places to experience Korean traditional culture