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Organizer The Icelandic Taekwondo Federation (TKÍ)
Poomsae competition – January 20th 2019  
Location Sunnubraut Sports Hall Sunnubraut 34 230 Reykjanesbær ICELAND
Schedule (please note that this is subject to change) All events to be held at the competition venue unless otherwise stated
Sunday, January 20th 2019 
08:00-08:30 Referee meeting for both poomsae and kyorugi

09:00-12:00 Kyorugi and poomsae competition

12:00-13:00 Lunch break

13:00-18:00  Kyorugi and poomsae competition

18:00-19:00 Awards ceremony

Entry Fee The Competition fee is EUR 50 for each contestant. For poomsae, the fee must be paid for each pair and group as well. 


• Participants shall be members of clubs from the Nordic and Baltic countries, i.e. Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.



Team Finland in Nordic Championships 


A • Freestyle individual male +18Christian Kamphuis
A • Group cadet (F+F+F)Aino Kortelainen - Quinones Sara - Sofia Sarala
A • Group cadet (F+F+F)Sofia Sarala - Bella Buuri - Victoria Hentunen
A • Group junior (F+F+F)Tara Tuokko, Noora Sepponen, Aino Kangasmaa

A • Group junior (F+F+F)

Naam Suomalainen - Mia Knutsson - Helmi Riuttala

A • Group senior +30 (M+M+M)Sampsa Aukio - Ville Lehtinen - Kim Rejman
A • Group senior -30 (M+M+M)Olli Siltanen - Christian Kamphuis - Frans Salmi
A • Group senior -30 (F+F+F)Elina Tikkanen - Nea Säynäjoki - Linda Räkköläinen
A • Individual female cadetAino Kortelainen
A • Individual female cadetQuinones Sara
A • Individual female cadetSofia Sarala
A • Individual female cadetBella Buuri
A • Individual female juniorTara Tuokko
A • Individual female juniorNoora Sepponen
A • Individual female juniorAino Kangasmaa
A • Individual female juniorNaam Suomalainen
A • Individual female juniorElvi Ollila
A • Individual female juniorMia Knutsson
A • Individual female juniorHelmi Riuttala
A • Individual female juniorEnna Turunen
A • Individual female senior -30Mira Mänty
A • Individual female senior -30Milla Knutsson
A • Individual female senior -30Elina Tikkanen
A • Individual female senior -30Nea Säynäjoki
A • Individual female senior -30Linda Räkköläinen
A • Individual female senior -30Eevi Huuskonen
A • Individual female senior -40Laura Pihkala
A • Individual female senior -40Johanna Nukari
A • Individual female senior -40Triin Saviauk
A • Individual female senior -60Sirpa Huuskonen
A • Individual female senior -60Riitta Patrikainen
A • Individual male cadetAlex Jürgens
A • Individual male juniorJoonas Järvenpää
A • Individual male juniorEero Halenius
A • Individual male juniorMethasit Kopisto
A • Individual male senior -30Christian Kamphuis
A • Individual male senior -30Frans Salmi
A • Individual male senior -30Olli Siltanen
A • Individual male senior -40Sampsa Aukio
A • Individual male senior -40Ville Lehtinen
A • Individual male senior -50Antti Mynttinen
A • Individual male senior -60Matti Huuskonen
A • Individual male senior -60Kim Rejman
A • Pair cadet (M+F)Victoria Hentunen - Alex Jürgens
A • Pair junior (M+F)Mia Knutsson - Methasit Kopisto
A • Pair junior (M+F)Helmi Riuttala - Joonas Järvenpää
A • Pair junior (M+F)Eero Halenius - Elvi Ollila
A • Pair senior +30 (M+F)Johanna Nukari - Kim Rejman
A • Pair senior +30 (M+F)Triin Saviauk - Ville Lehtinen
A • Pair senior +30 (M+F)Sampsa Aukio - Laura Pihkala
A • Pair senior +30 (M+F)Riitta Patrikainen - Antti Mynttinen
A • Pair senior -30 (M+F)Eevi Huuskonen - Olli Siltanen