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The Finnish Taekwondo Federation in a nutshell

Taekwondo was introduced in Finland in the end of 1970's by master Hwang Dae Jin. The Finnish Taekwondo Federation was founded in 1980. Since then Taekwondo has been growing both in size and popularity. The Finnish Taekwondo Federation is a member of the National Olympic Committee and the National Paralympic Committee, as well as World Taekwondo and European Taekwondo Union.

Finnish Taekwondo Federation has 70 member clubs around Finland. The total number of Taekwondo practitioners in Finland is approximately 9 200, while a bit less than 1 300 of them posses the Taekwondo Federation's licence.

The Finnish Taekwondo Federation has the main office in Helsinki (Sporttitalo, Valimotie 10). There are the posts of Secretary General and Education Manager. The National Training Centre is located in Turku. The Youth Olympic Coach works there with the best Taekwondo athletes. In addition, several other Taekwondo experts give voluntarily their input in serving Taekwondo people and developing Taekwondo in Finland.

Finland has been represented in the Taekwondo Olympic Games as follows:

2000 Sydney (Veera Liukkonen, Kirsimarja Koskinen)
2004 Athens (Teemu Heino)
2012 London (Suvi Mikkonen)
2016 Rio (Suvi Mikkonen)

The Finnish Taekwondo Federation

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