WTF-lisenssi pakolliseksi kansainvälisen tason urheilijoille



Vuonna 2013 ei saa enää kilpailla Euroopan A-Class-turnauksissa eikä arvokilpailuissa, jos ei omista WTF-lisenssiä. Kansainvälisen tason urheilijoiden kannattaa lukea alla oleva teksti huolella ja toimittaa tarvittavat dokumentit ajoissa liiton toimistoon:

1) HakulomakApplication form allekirjoitettuna PDF-muodossa
2) Valokuva JPG-muodossa (huomioi ohjeet)
3) Voimassa oleva Suomen passi JPG- tai PDF-muodossa
4) Kukkiwonin dan-sertifikaatti JPG- tai PDF-muodossa



WTF Athlete License Card

Starting from January 1st 2013 the WTF Global Athlete Licence (GAL) will be required for all athletes (juniors and seniors, Kyorugi and Poomsae) participating in WTF Promoted and Sanctioned championships (excluding the WTF Para-Taekwondo Championships and multi-games events) as listed in Article 4, 1.4 of the WTF Competition Rules.


The WTF Global Athlete is also required for most WTF Continental Unions tournaments. Please see below the WTF Continental Unions tournaments where the WTF GAL has being mandated.




All Senior, Junior and Cadet age categories athletes to compete and/or participate at the following events and activities as of 1st January 2013:


1. ETU (Men's and Women's) European Senior Taekwondo Championships;

2. ETU European Taekwondo Team Championships;

3. ETU European Taekwondo 16-21Championships;

4. ETU European Taekwondo Junior Championships;

5. ETU European Taekwondo Cadet Championships;

6. ETU European Taekwondo Poomsae Championships;

7. ETU European taekwondo Para-Taekwondo Championships;

8. ETU European taekwondo Club Taekwondo Championships;

9 All other ETU sanctioned events and activities as shown on the ETU Events Calendar online;

10. All international events recognized by the ETU Member National Associations


ETU works closely with WTF in this matter and is eager to link the WTF GAL database to the competition management system of ETU. The GAL will ensure that all participants of tournaments are registered members of the Member National Assosiations and will lead the way to to a more efficient competition management process.


More info about the Global Athlete License:


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