Pohjoismaiden mestaruuskilpailut siirretty kesäkuulle


Dear all,

Due to the Swedish Government's press conference today, 5 January 2022, we would like to make the following announcement.

The spread of Covid-19 is increasing rapidly both in Sweden and in neighboring countries. There are a large number of people who are infected every day with Covid-19. In Sweden, it is estimated that the infection and the burden on healthcare will continue to increase, and the peak will be reached within a few weeks. Consequently, the competition will take place during the period when the level of the disease and the burden on healthcare will be at their highest.

It could further be noted that 60 competitors (of which 56 are from our neighboring countries) out of a total of 279 registered in Kyorugi and a majority in Poomsae have not yet paid their entry fees. It is uncertain whether those who have not paid will participate. We cannot count on that. In addition, we can expect that a great number of those who has registered and paid may turn out to have symptoms of Covid-19 closer to the competition and therefore cannot travel or participate. This means that several classes can be affected or eliminated due to too few or no competitors.

In the light of these circumstances, and with regard to the safety and the health of competitors, coaches, referees, audience and officials, we have today decided that it is unfortunately not possible to proceed with the competition on the planned date in January 2022. For this reason, the Nordic Championships will instead be moved to 4-5 June 2022.

The registration will open again in April where the opportunity is given for more competitors to register for the Nordic Taekwondo Championships 2022. Any changes can also be made during this time period.

On behalf of the OC NM 2022

Sincerely yours,

Reza Abrishami
Member of the Board
Referee Chairman
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